Simple Door Ding – BMW 545i-A
The damage was less than a size of a silver dollar and was repaired using PDR and was done at their home for $99.

Aluminum Hood Dent – Mazda RX-8
To repair and repaint the dent on this hood, caused by someone falling on it, the original autobody shop quote was $1200. With PDR the cost was much cheaper and the owner got their car back the same day.

Walmart Dent – 2001 Dodge Dakota
This was an older truck that was backed into at a Walmart parking lot. Even with the age of the truck we were able to repair the dent using PDR and return to the customer the same day.

Baseball Dent – BMW 7 Series
Using Paintless Dent Repair we were able to repair the car for $275, return the car the same day and with no signs of a dent or the repair. A conventional repair would have been about $415, not including three days worth of rental car fees.

4 Dents Hail Damage
Chris Sherer has been repairing hail damaged vehicles throughout the southeast and other parts of the U.S. for 25 years. We have repaired cars in 15 states and are insurance approved in every state. We are well experienced and ready to help from the claims process to the completion of your car.

Large Dent – Honda Accord
This is a larger dent I did on a Honda Accord caused by a bar fight. They took it to several body shops and were looking to replace the fender and paint the entire front half of the car. Using PDR as well as years of experience, we were able to repair it while saving the customer hundreds in repair costs.

Paintless Bumper Repair
We can also remove dents from rubber covers from accidentally being hit or backing into an object. This is a process developed and perfected by Carsmetic from 25 years in the industry. With this process we can put the bumper cover back to its original factory shape.

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